Consignment Terms:


We sometimes take consignment items. We treat these items just like our own. We price & display the items just like we do our own items. If an item on consignment gets broken, stolen etc we will not pay out for it. The vast majority of items that we have on consignment sell. As time goes on we tend to mark items down & / or discount them more just like we do with our own items. When an item sells it gets recorded & the consignor receives a check for 75% of what the item sells for.  We keep 25% of the final sales price of the items. We pay out twice monthly & checks are available for pickup only. We pay sales tax & credit card fees for the consignor. We do not inventory items but they are recorded as they sell. At any time, people can take their remaining items home as they are still the property of the consignor until they sell. Please feel free to ask questions & do not consign with us unless you are willing to abide by these terms.